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Friday Free Feel Better Coaching Sessions

As a certified life coach, foster-to-adoption mom, and lover of life and dark chocolate, I understand the incredible joy and challenges of raising neurodivergent children like those with ADHD or autism.

I am thrilled to offer Free Friday Feel Better Life Coaching Sessions (FFFB) exclusively for foster mommas or mothers of neurodivergent children. These sessions provide a safe space to express your feelings, share experiences, and learn practical strategies for maintaining your well-being while supporting your child's development.

What to expect from our FFFB sessions:

  • A judgment-free, compassionate space to discuss your challenges

mother and sad teen son.png
  • Tools to help you feel more connected to your children and help them thrive

  • Life coaching from someone who understands your journey firsthand

  • Valuable insights and coping techniques to help you feel more in control


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