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AI Resources for Parents and Teachers 

Helping children navigate the AI era while developing the critical skills and values necessary to thrive in a technology-driven world.

For Parents:

 Raising children in the AI era requires a careful balance between embracing technological advancements and fostering traditional human values. Download a list of adjustments that parents can start implementing today.


For Teachers:

Using Chatbot GPT can be a great way for teachers to streamline their planning process, organize their tasks, and create efficient systems. Download my list of ideas and prompts for teachers to utilize Chatbot GPT for planning and organization, tailored for different grade levels and teaching contexts.



🎄 Looking for the perfect gifts for your kids this Christmas? 

Raising children in the AI era means striking the perfect balance between technology and traditional values. We've compiled a comprehensive list of games, books, and activities that promote critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy skills in kids and teens. From robotics kits to captivating storytelling books, these gifts are designed to inspire young minds and nurture a love for learning.

Download our free Christmas list now and give your kids the gift of both tech-savviness and timeless values this holiday season!

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