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Your Puppy Brain

How is your mind like a puppy?

Our primitive brain can be compared to a puppy. If you leave a puppy that hasn't been potty trained, walk around your fully carpeted house, guess what's going to happen?

He will also eat and chew on everything.

A puppy needs to be supervised at all times. So does your brain!!

If you let your brain be unsupervised, it will only do easy things that don't require any effort; it will want to conserve energy, it doesn't like changes. Its primary function is survival.

That is the reason we need to keep an eye on our puppy brain or toddler's brain.

Would you let a toddler run with sharpies and scissors through your house unsupervised?

You can only imagine the disaster.

If we don't guide our brains, we will sit on the sofa all day eating bonbons and watching Netflix.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

But imagine you doing that every day, all day.

We need to be the watcher of our thoughts.

Pay attention, be present and guide your thoughts to create the life you want to live on purpose.


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