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The Unfulfilled Dream I had for my Child

Are you faced with a different reality than you had for your children?

When we held our babies in our arms, we HAD THIS WHOLE VISION of how their lives would be and how their lives would look.

Now they grew up, and everything looks WAY different than we imagined; we think there's something wrong, that something went wrong, we're doing it wrong, or our kids are doing it wrong.

It doesn't even cross our minds that maybe our expectations of how it should be were wrong.

There is nothing wrong with wishing the best for our children, but do we even know what is best?

Maybe the best for them is precisely how it is. The Creator of us all fully knowing us and our decisions places us in the best-case scenarios for growth. Many times it doesn't quite look how we think it would.

We choose our path, which is how we grow, through choices and challenges. Our children choose their path, and they are going through exactly what they need to go through to grow and become who they are capable of becoming.

Isn't our ultimate goal for our children to grow and become even a better version of themselves? They are doing precisely that. It just looks different than we thought it would.

Love on you, love them, and keep showing up as a mother that you want to without trying to control their outcomes.

Love them exactly as they are and not a better version of them.

Have self-compassion and grace for you and them.

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