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Mom's New Year Journey: Finding Me Amongst the Chaos

You know how January rolls around, and suddenly, it feels like time to reinvent the wheel? We start thinking about all these goals, but truth be told, it's like trying to map out uncharted territory while wearing a blindfold. It's tough knowing what really matters, right?

But what if we flip the script? Instead of basing our goals on what we think we lack or what others expect, what if our values were our Compass?

Let’s dive in and figure out what truly matters.

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Woman smiling

Discovering What Really Counts

You know that buzz you get from certain things in your day? Those moments that light you up inside? That’s the good stuff we’re after.

Mom's New Year Journey: Finding Me Amongst the Chaos in the next 7 days by reflecting on the following questions.

1.Daily Grins: What makes you grin from ear to ear each day?

Like, ditching the stress to focus on quality time with the kids.

2. Values on Deck: What are those core values guiding your mom game?

Like, creating a welcoming home vibe over obsessing about it being Pinterest-perfect.

3. Overcoming Mom-hurdles: What’s holding you back from being the super mom you truly are?

Like, shifting gears from overloading activities to nurturing their curiosity.

4. Mom’s R&R: How do you take care of you, Mama?

Like, focusing on those mental health moments, not just the yoga pants kind of days.

5. Mom Crew Power: Who’s in your corner shaping your views?

Like, surrounding yourself with those who lift you up, not those who add to the chaos.

6. Lessons from the Mom-trenches: What have those tough times taught you?

Like, embracing the chaos as the ultimate learning curve, not aiming for perfect mom status.

7. Future You: What’s the dream for the future, and how do we get there?

Like, making quality time the real priority over a crazy jam-packed schedule.

Let’s be real for a sec. We often set goals trying to prove something—to ourselves, to the world.

But what if our goals rocked our values instead?

These questions? They’re like a secret code to unravel what really matters deep down.

January isn't just about making resolutions. It’s about finding your groove and setting goals that align with what makes you, you. So, let’s kick off this journey, uncover what truly matters, and own this mom life, shall we? "Mom's New Year Journey: Finding Me Amongst the Chaos"

Let's do this, mama!

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