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Increase your Emotional Resilience by Taking Emotional and Spiritual Vaccines.

It is of fundamental importance to take care of our body and what we eat, just as it is essential to take care of our spiritual and emotional being. Many of us didn't get COVID, but we got desperate, scared, and made ourselves sick because we didn't know how to manage our thoughts and emotions. How can we protect ourselves from this?

We need to become more emotionally resilient.

We need to learn to manage our thoughts and emotions. Our brains need guidance; otherwise, it will be controlled by our automatic thoughts. We have to guide and cultivate thoughts that we choose to believe on purpose. We have to be in control of our thoughts. What are you choosing to feed your brain and spirit?

I will suggest that you start with daily doses of:

  • · Acts of kindness. When you love, you feel love. Love conquers fear.

  • · Process your feelings instead of avoiding, resisting, or reacting to them.

  • · Have a Gratitude journal

  • · Say prayers and meditate or ponder.

  • · Study scripture and books that strengthen your beliefs.

  • · Have an eternal perspective. How does this affect me eternally?

As you read, pray, ponder, and write in your journal, direct your brain to what is going right by asking yourselves questions like:

What did go right today?

What was some blessing in disguise?

How does what happen today can help me become a better version of myself?

How is this happening for me and not to me?

You can run your day, or your day will end up running you—your choice.


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