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Dealing with Anxious Kids and Learning from Our Emotions

What are your emotions trying to tell you?

Parenting can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and there are moments when it tests the limits of our emotional resilience. One such morning, I found myself grappling with the intense anxiety my two children were experiencing as they faced tests and various activities at school. This was a day that served as a powerful reminder that emotions are messengers and that I could use this opportunity to learn with them. Avoiding emotions might mean missing out on important insights about ourselves and our children. So, let me share with you how I learned from my big emotions while dealing with my anxious children.

woman inside of car feeling worried, frustrated
woman sitting inside of a car with hand on forehead upset, frustrated

The Initial Struggle

As I dropped my kids off at school that morning, their anxiety was palpable. It wasn't easy to witness, and I found myself feeling a lot of uncomfortable emotions as a result of my perception of their struggle. Initially, I tried to push these emotions aside, thinking that ignoring them would make them disappear. But then I decided to face these emotions head-on and embrace the discomfort. After all, emotions have a way of telling us something vital if we are willing to listen.

The Emotional Journey

My emotional journey that morning was a whirlwind. Frustration was my first response as I desperately wanted to find a way to ease my children's anxiety. I wished I could magically make it vanish. Guilt followed as I pondered whether I could have done or said something differently to alleviate their worries. Soon, sadness enveloped me as I empathized with their anxiety. I allowed myself to feel that sadness alongside them. As I sat with these emotions I noticed a new emotion surfacing —love. The deep love I felt for my children was the reason I felt such profound sadness. If I didn't process all of my negative emotions, I would've not felt overwhelming love.

Surprisingly, guilt also showed me that I wasn't entirely wrong in my actions and words. It revealed that there were other ways to meet their unmet needs that morning, not by fixing their emotions but by addressing the underlying causes of their anxiety. It led me to reflect on the messages we often overlook when we choose to avoid or distract ourselves from our feelings, whether it's through overeating, mindless scrolling on social media, or binge-watching TV. The truth is, negative emotions don't simply vanish when ignored; they accumulate, layer upon layer, and can manifest physically as headaches, stomachaches, or even high blood pressure.

Embracing the Journey

In the end, the lesson was clear: as parents, we must embrace our feelings, no matter how difficult they may be. These emotions are not only valuable sources of insight but also an integral part of our parenting journey. By listening to our hearts and allowing ourselves to feel, we can better understand our children's needs and offer them the support and love they require. Parenting is a challenging path, but it's also a deeply rewarding one, filled with lessons that help us grow both as caregivers and as individuals. So, let us all remember to embrace the emotions that come our way, for they have much to teach us. 😘

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