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3 Steps to Start Feeling Better and Becoming a More Patient Mom

Do you want to learn these steps in-depth and how to create your own SURVIVAL MODE PLAN?

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"8 Steps to Becoming a More Patient Mom." 


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Mothers of children with autism and any special needs,

You are the expert on your child.
We don't need outsiders telling us how to be good mothers; what we need are tools and systems that allow us to heal, so we can start practicing what we already know.

That is what you will learn in this MasterClass. 

 I will also cover...


How to identify when you are in Survival Mode


Often we don't know when we are in survival mode till is too late. We already exploded, yelled, and said things we'll regret.


How to Process Your Emotions

One of the reasons we can't get out of our negative emotions is because we're trying to solve for our feelings. We try to avoid, resist, or react to it. We don't know how to feel.


Learn to Create a Survival Mode Plan

When you have a plan for when you are in survival mode it becomes much easier to manage your thoughts, emotions and behavior. 


I can't wait to watch it

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