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Thriving Parent Toolkit Series

Discover a wealth of parenting principles and skills that go beyond traditional methods

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Introducing 💪 Thriving Parent Toolkit Series by Francini Estes:

About the Course:

In this transformative class, you'll discover a wealth of parenting principles and skills that go beyond traditional methods. Come and learn practical tools that will take you from reactive parenting to intentional and effective parenting.

🗓️ Course Duration: 6 - 9 Weeks- 1.5 hours per session online
📅 Start Date: February 8th
📅 End Date: April 4th

Cost: Free

Where: Zoom (Sign up, and we'll send you the link.) 

Presented by Francini Estes,
Founder & CEO at Francini Estes Coaching & Mom Mental Gym

Are you tired of yelling at your children and teens, only to feel guilty afterward?

Do you wish to influence your child positively while respecting their agency?

Are you yearning for better connections with your kids and teens?

Look no further – I'm here to help you!

I'm Francini Estes, a passionate advocate with a background in childhood development, a formal school teacher, and a foster and adoptive mother of four children. As a life coach for mothers of kids with challenging behavior, including ADHD & Autism, I understand your journey. I see you, I hear you, and I'm right there with you. 

🌟 Benefits of Joining:
Playful Family

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