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What is Mom Mental Gym?


Mom Mental Gym is an online membership gym where moms come to get mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fit to feel better and take better care of themselves and their children. 

How can Mom Mental Gym Help me?

Once you join MomMental Gym, you get immediate access to my 3-Part Foundational Course and my FIT Method (Worth more than $300)


In these short videos, you will learn what is holding you back and keeping you stuck.

You will discover the formula we use to find the cause of our problems. So, you can start being the boss of your brain and feel more regulated and grounded to parent from calm, love, and confidence.


You have the benefit of getting coached weekly…

“…Francini really gets to the root cause of your issue by asking powerful questions. She is excellent at uncovering what is holding you back and helping you develop a strategy to reach your goal.” (a current mom mental gym member)

 You will also learn how to coach yourself. So, when you are feeling anxious or stressed, you'll know what to do with the on-demand guidance from my videos and worksheets. 🙌

“…I'm a mum of three young kids, and I had so many shoulds I couldn't see what I truly wanted anymore. Francini helped me figure out what my true goals are and to stop beating myself up about everything…”  (a current mom mental gym member)

Inside mom mental gym, you will learn practical tools that will shift your mindset and completely change your life and the way you parent ❤️


“…Francini specializes in helping parents with neurodiverse children, which made me feel less alone. We also talked about many other relationships and life circumstance issues as well. She was able to understand every situation I presented to her, and she always was available for questions and comments and gave support and encouragement all along the way. Her deeply compassionate approach made it easy to open up and talk about my struggles, doubts, and fears, and much was accomplished during our work together.” (Current MMG member)


Join us today to start feeling better to help your child thrive. Go from worry, anxiety, and exhaustion to calm, balance, and joy. 


You deserve it!! 


You will get access to ALL MOM MENTAL GYM member benefits.

YOU CAN CANCEL MOM MENTAL GYM ANYTIME, but you will not want to, I promise. 

Mom's Hug

A mom who wants the best for her child, and her greatest desire is to see her child thrive but is feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and lonely. 

Mother and Son

She is looking for direction, connection, and hope in a community where she can feel safe with people that can relate to her experiences. 

thinking woman.png

She is a mom who never gives up advocating for her child but sometimes feels paralyzed and confused, afraid of making the wrong decision because of the mixed information. She could use some tools to help her keep going; after all, she is still human. 


She is ready for a change. She is excited about the possibility of a better future for her child and herself. She knows she has in her; all she needs is help to get unstuck. 

Who this is for:

Mom .png
What is included
  1. Private 1-1 Coaching Session 

  2. Monthly Masterclasses

  3. Weekly Live Coaching

  4. Private Podcast (Member Only)

  5. Nervous System Toolbox

  6. Weekly Pick-me-Up emails 

  7. A library full of Content to help you grow and feel better

  8. Community Support

  9. (Bonus) Worry-Free 7-Day Challenge 

  10. (Bonus) 8 Weeks Intense Course to Feel Better and Thrive

  11. (Bonus) Guide to Parent with Intentionality (A value-based parenting guide)

  12. (Bonus) A Presentation to Teach teens & kids with anxiety.

  13. (Bonus) “Self-healing” Yoga Class

  14. (Bonus) Video- How to get out of a Rut in 10 min.

Untitled (Instagram Post (Portrait)).jpg
Plus, bonus videos with experts:


  • How to get ready in less than 15 min. in the morning. (Make-up tips from makeup artist)

  • Free Yoga Class

  • How to prepare for an IEP/504 (Individualized Educational Plan)- tips from a child advocate

  • Tips on minimalism (Professional in minimalism)

  • How to declutter your house the easy way. (Professional organizer)

  • Meditation in less than 15 minutes 

  • Yoga class

  • Weight loss Full Program

  • How to teach your children to process emotions and how their brain works

  • And much, much more

Mom MENTAL GYM's Method: (FIT)



Find clarity; what is holding you back.



Intentionality. Stop feeling powerless and learn how to better use your agency.



Thrive. Stop surviving and learn how to start living your life. 

Inside Mom Mental Gym

Here is a sample of the Workshop Themes you will find inside MOM MENTAL GYM


  • How to become a more fun mom

  • How to stop yelling at your children 

  • How to better connect with your child 

  • How to find balance in your life

  • How to stop emotional eating

  • Declutter your mind, declutter your house, declutter your life

  • How not only survive by thriving during the Holidays.

  • How to become more in tune with yourself and access divine help 

  • How to lose weight the smart way. No more diets!

  • How to stop worrying

  • How to improve your relationship with your spouse

  • How to stop beating yourself up

  • How to make your life easier as a mother of children with high needs like ADHD, AUTISM, Dyslexia, Anxiety Disorder, and other needs. 

  • And much, much more.

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